12 days of Christmas v's the hungry caterpillar

Monday, 3 December 2012

12 days of Christmas v's the hungry caterpillar

At the moment I feel as though I am somewhere inbetween the 12 days of Christmas and The Hungry Caterpillar. I have been going off the rails slightly. I love Christmas but it does seem to encourage you to eat and drink, no matter how good you are trying to be. This weekend I ate out twice, which is never good when you are trying to loose weight. I have tried to be reasonably good. I have decided that if I lose a few pounds over the next few weeks then that will be great. My main aim will just be not to gain any weight. On the plus side, I went shopping the other day and actually had to go back to get smaller sized clothes rather than bigger ones! (Having said that, the clothes sizing was all over the place. I have lost weight but I can guarantee you I am nowhere near size 6 - yet bought 2!?!) This is me off for a school mums night out, at my kind of half way weight loss point I suppose.

Anyway, I managed to lose another 2lbs last week which brings me up to 18 now.

Don't forget to check in on my weight loss buddies and show them some support too.


Snickers & Big Knickers said...

Thats my aim too...not to put on weight but maintain over Christmas It's so difficult at this time of year!! I failed over the weekend too lol

7hippopotamus said...

Well done on losing the 2lbs Louise, you look great and can't have much left to go. If anyone wants a little help this Christmas I have a link to a free slimpod to try at the moment on my blog. It's really helping me.