Who fights the monster under your bed?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Who fights the monster under your bed?

I have talked before about middle man and his crazy roll call of bedtime toys. Big man, however, can be just as bad.

My sister has always had a thing for massive soft toys. Not large soft toys. The "100 times actual size of animal" type of soft toys. When we were expecting big man she bought him a large giraffe. We thanked her and said it was very kind, but our house is quite small, so if she could hold off buying anymore giant creatures that would be great. Big man arrived in November and she showered us in gifts, but no more giant soft toys. Phew!

A few weeks past and it was Christmas. My husband ran down the stairs on Christmas day to open the door to an enormous penguin. Somewhere hidden behind this was my sister! Apparently its ok to buy a 3ft penguin, because you can "hide him in the loft and just get him out at Christmas." Yes that would be fine, if we were allowed to put him in the loft.

Here is big man with him tonight. What monster would dare to fight a penguin of this size? Big man is sleeping safely in the knowledge that no monster will mess with him or Mr Penguin tonight!

This is my entry to the Warren Evans "Who fights the monsters under your bed?" competition.


brinabird said...

My goodness he is huge. I love the way he still manages to cuddle him though!

Louise said...

Ah yes I hadn't really noticed that his wing is a pillow! I fear my sister will read the post and buy more huge animals though!

Nikki said...

I love this Louise - you can't have too many massive penguins!

Louise said...

I think one is enough!