I Want Meme

Monday, 1 October 2012

I Want Meme

I have been tagged in the I want Meme by lifelovelollipops which originally started over at Mammywoo's blog. When the boys start a sentence I want....... I usually finish it with .....get's nothing. So thinking of an "I want" list is quite a hard thing to do - but here it goes:

I want to not feel tired most of the day and then wake up at bedtime
I want to play with the boys more
I want the tidying up to me done by magic
I want my boys, family and friends to live long happy and healthy lives
I want to not worry about silly little things
I want to go on a relaxing holiday
I want to take the boys all over the world.
I want chocolate to be healthy
At the moment I want our internet connection to work properly so I don't have to sit upstairs to use the laptop.
I want world peace, and no poverty.

Now that's not too much to ask for is it? What do you want? I am tagging Nikki and Jess to see what they want too.

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