Popchips review and healthy snack ideas

Monday, 10 September 2012

Popchips review and healthy snack ideas

So this is it. Tomorrow big man finally starts "big" school - or infant school to you and I. The lovely people at Popchips sent us some ideas for some healthier swaps for the school lunchbox and after school treats from their nutritionist Azmina Govindji which have been a great help, and I thought I would share:

1. Trade a regular bag of crisps for popchips - they are popped with heat and pressure so there is no fat used in frying them.
2. Choose squeezy yoghurts over ice cream for a good fix of calcium and protein
3. Leave the chocolate on the shelf and opt for Jaffa cakes as a lighter sweet treat
4. Choose a low fat cheese spread as a source of calcium and protein over processed meat which can be higher in salt.
5. Stir up a calcium-rich milkshake and forget those sugary soft drinks.

So here is big mans first packed lunch.

I have no idea if there is too much/too little in there for him to eat - but I guess I will figure that out. I have opted for cream cheese sandwiches. I will be freezing the fromage frais overnight so that it will be defosted by lunchtime and still be cool. I have opted to put in a few popchips as a treat. A bag is a bit big for big man  - when I say that he would eat it all but then not eat his sandwiches! I have also learnt that I need to hide the remaining half a bag so that it can be used on another day, as big man has got hold of it and is polishing them off as I type! A few grapes (which I have cut in half out of habit from pre-school) and some cheese as big man is a bit of a mouse. I shall fill my bag with food for him after school incase he is hungry before he is rushed off to his gymnastics class.

We were sent some Popchips for this review, but the opinions contained are my own. If you would like to see my Popchips review click here.


Sarahmumof3 said...

mine are all old timers as for going to school, but have just decided to change from school lunch to pack up and so I am still trying to decided how much to send them and if it is worth doing or if I should try to convince them to head back to school dinners!

Louise said...

I read your post Sarah - doesn't look as though there is a lot in it cost wise even though at first glance it looks more expensive for hot dinners.

Anonymous said...

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