Currently experiencing technical problems

Friday, 21 September 2012

Currently experiencing technical problems

You may have noticed I have been a bit quiet this week.  I am busy baking for baby man's christening, but the computer has also decided to have a blogging break! For some unknown reason ( to me and my husband) he is refusing to connect to the internet. Luckily the iPad is happy so at least I have some connection to the outside world! It has, however, meant I have been able to create loads of lists on babyhuddle but it is refusing to let me review the Philips AVENT bottle feeding essentials! I was basically going to say that I love Avent bottles and a microwave steriliser is a great idea if you haven't got space for a steam one.

I think we may have to take the computer to see a dr...... I hope he doesn't endure a long stay in hospital. Hopefully I will have lots to write about when it is all sorted.

Tomorrow big man and I are off to the Tesco Toy event. I have no idea what it involves but I fear that it will mean even more toys added to his Christmas list!

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