You make me smile

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You make me smile

The summer holidays are flying past and what another great week. Quite frankly I am shattered!
We visited some lovely friends this week in Bristol and Cardiff. I don't have great photos of this to share but I have some lovely memories.

On Friday we arranged our own little sports party for our friends. I stayed up late thursday night making what felt like 101 gingerbread medals. It was worth it though even if they were tucked into almost immediately!

On Sunday we went to the Olympics. Which was a great day. I particularly liked finding Wenlocks!

Baby man has now outgrown his BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original but he is happy in his new back carrier.

Then on Monday I started my first linky. I am only doing it for a month (in a hope that middle man might turn a corner and become good!) I was so pleased to see that people liked it and some have already linked up. If you haven't seen it, go and have a read and if you have something to link up please do! If your little one is always good - go and see what you may have to put up with soon!

Now that is enough about my link up, this is infact a post to be linked with Bex at the Mummy Adventure, so go and show her and those linked with her some blog love too x

You make me smile


Bex @ The Mummy Adventure said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to the Olympics! Gymnastics as well! I have loved watching it all on TV this week though x

Louise said...

I haven't managed to watch much else as middle man doesn't like it! Apparently Jake and the neverland pirates is better.

The Mini Mes and Me said...

A lovely sports filled week! Love the mascots for the Olympics, Im a bit worried London is packed at the mo though so I've not been to have a look. The medals look great - yum x

Louise said...

Strangely it wasn't when we went - only the train to and from the O2

SusanKMann said...

Such an adorable picture. Glad you had a good time. x