Pretty.Little.Things - Waterbabies

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pretty.Little.Things - Waterbabies

Last week baby man got the winners badge for his rather over sized coming home outfit!

Although I am a bit late in joining in this week, I love underwater photos so really wanted to link up. So here is my middle water baby.

Did you know it is only 144 days until Christmas!?!

And even worse is that last week I found myself buying Christmas presents! Have you started yet?


MumReinvented said...

That is the cutest picture! I've had to start Christmas shopping, my little one was born on Christmas Day so I've been putting things aside for months so we can afford his first birthday and Christmas all on the same day!

Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

That is a brilliant photo! As for it getting close to Christmas *clamps hands over ears* la la la la la la!!

Louise said...

Wow that's an expensive day for you! Some friends of ours have a party at their childs 1/2 birthday as it is so near Christmas. All my men are near Christmas too!

Louise said...

I am still in shock that it is August. Time is really flying! Even astounded myself with buying Xmas pressies but got big man an angry birds hoodie in the next sale and baby man a digger that was on offer in Costco! Seeing as I don't go out by myself much at the moment it made sense to buy it when I saw it!

Lisa said...

Wow Xmas pressies!! Altho I did start in September last year so I guess it's not that far off! Scary! Great pic hunny x

Emily Foran said...

So cute wish I had these done with my babies! I love Xmas but I'm not ready to think about it yet!