Mischievous Monday week 3

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mischievous Monday week 3

Another week has past and middle man hasn't been too mischievous! I enjoyed reading last weeks posts and decided Jess' story was the winner as it reminded me that big man used to collect things in his pockets, which I had totally forgotton. So here is the badge she may display of she so wishes!

Daddy walking through the door often causes excitement in our house. I am excited that I don't have to cope with the bedtime routine alone, and the boys are excited that their fun parent has returned to hang them upside down and "rah" loudly at them. This particular day I wasn't feeling my best. My lovely husband came home early and I had a rest. When I came downstairs I was greeted by a butt naked middle man. I shouted him over and asked if he knew he had a "bear body" he giggled (it's not a bear body it's a human one) and then pulled down my trousers in one swift movement! He then ran off. The next minute, big man shouted that middle man was doing a wee. Hubbie rushed to see what was going on and found a very well aimed, pool of wee in his trainer! Strangely this really perked me up!

If anyone has any great ideas of how to clean trainers I would love to know. I want to chuck them in the washing machine but Hubbie is rather reluctant to do this.(Maybe he just wants to buy a new pair!)

If you have a mischief maker please link up below. I am also going to link this to Actually Mummy's wot so funnee? as there is a great poo story linked so here's a wee one!


Actually Mummy... said...

Oh my word you have a prankster there! All good #funee fodder so I'm happy! ;)

Louise said...

He is trouble I tell you! Hoping baby man doesn't follow in his footsteps!

Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

Yikes what a little tinker!! I'd be tempted just to throw the trainers away! It did make me smile reading this at the same time as quickly checking what my two were up to!

Emily Foran said...

I'd just chuck them in the washing machine too - but I bicarb is meant to neutralise odours x

Louise said...

I think we will wash them.....and then end up throwing them away!

Louise said...

Ah might give that a go then
- thanks