Walk in the woods

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Walk in the woods

An afternoon walk in the woods to me. An adventure to my boys.
Nature to explore. Trees to climb through. An imaginary BBQ to poke with a stick. A den to build. Life seen through the eyes of children. 


Very excited that last weeks collage of Skegness was winner of Fun photo fun. 

Mum's the Word


Lesley Beeton said...

I love the woods too, my favourite place to explore.
Super photo's x.

Louise said...

I just love that the boys are so excited about everything x

Jayne said...

I love a walk in the woods, we went on one recently and were followed by a very friendly and curious squirrel! Thanks so much for linking up


Charlotte said...

Woods are very exciting when you're little! I think the Blair Witch Project ruined it for a lot of us. ;0) A very well deserved win! Thanks for linking up!

Louise said...

Never watched the Blair Witch project- I saw a Phil Jupitus sketch on it tho and i think he summed it up!