Friday, 13 July 2012


Shoppers in the local supermarket probably thought I was slightly crazy when I excitedly bought two packets of the special colour in boxes of Rice Krispies. Although I was very tempted to do a Del boy (or should I say Rodney) and colour in my own packet and write Louise aged 10, I resisted the temptation and allowed big and middle man to colour their own packets. As you can see they were in deep concentration for a few minutes!

Unfortunately big man doesn't understand the point of staying within the lines, or understand that everything doesn't have to be black! Here is his entry "Will I be a winner Mummy?" "mmmmmmnnnnnn not everyone can win all the time"

Big man (aged 4)

Strangely middle man's effort wasn't too bad considering he is so little. There is a bit more light green on here than can really be seen in the photograph.

Middle man (aged 2) 

So as the colouring in attempt had been successful in keeping them busy, but not that successful at creating a winning entry, I had a look at the rice krispies website for some more activities to keep them busy. Here, big man could "paint" using the keyboard and as black wasn't present it didn't look too bad! Also any colour combination seems to work well together.

Next I saw the finger puppets. Big man is totally into his puppet shows at the moment - which usually take place on an Octopod. So we printed off and made puppets. This time I did have a go!

My Crackle finger puppet (Louise aged 36)

Big man's finger puppets - not sure if Pop is going to be involved in some type of accident in the puppet show......

Big man's puppet show - Pop was fine - just lots of "give a big cheer for....."

And last but not least, big man spotted the recipe for kool rice krispies kites on the side of the box and was extremely keen to make these. They didn't look much like the ones on the box and middle man needed a good wipe down to stop him being a sticky mess. Again the boys had fun.

So if you are looking for something to do on a rainy day this summer holiday, think of Rice Krispies and take a look at the arts and crafts on their website to keep your little ones amused. 

This is my entry for the Britmums #ColourMeInRK competition, sponsored by Kellogg's


A Modern Mother said...


Karin @ BritMums said...

Wow! What a great project day you ended up with thanks to Rice Krispies! I have to admit, I still ADORE Rice Krispie treats! ;) Great effort!

:) Karin @ BritMums

Louise said...
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Jess @ CatchaSingleThought said...

Looks like a fun day! Your puppet was very good!

OneBlueOnePink said...

Love it! Looks like you had such a fun day! We had a go with the colouring scene on the rice krispie website too!

Louise said...

This was a project over a couple of days!

Louise said...

This is one of the reasons I blog. It creates loads of things to do with the boys. I am sure there will be some chocolate Krispie cakes made over the summer holidays too!

Em said...

I was tempted to do the same thing as you (Em age 8) but my little girl wouldn't let me anywhere near the box!! I love their finger puppets, very colourful.