Wishing I was lucky

Friday, 15 June 2012

Wishing I was lucky

Big and baby man were up at stupid o'clock this morning. Unfortunately that means so was I. However, the silver lining on this cloud is that I don't feel bad at letting them watch TV at 6 in the morning and I can read some blogs in a effort to wake myself up. As you may already know I am busy taking photos each day after taking up Fat Mum Slim's Challenge. Whilst visiting her site today, I found that she had been to afternoon tea with the Austrailian PM and invited others to share Who is the most famous person you've met? And do peas belong in mornay?

I am afraid that at 6.40am I really don't have an answer to the mornay question, but I can easily answer the other. I need to start by telling you one of my biggest regrets in life. It was when I was 11. I had some birthday money to spend and I vividly remember standing in Woolworths contemplating whether I should buy the new Bros or Wet Wet Wet album. I made the wrong choice. Luckily my Mum didn't. We became a family of Wet's fans. In sixth form I collected 90 Crunchie wrappers in order for us to attend a free concert at Alton towers, we have been in the front row at Wembley and I really couldn't tell you how many times we went to see them. A lot!

Fast forward twenty or so years and I was at the dentist with big man and what was newborn middle man. It was a hot sunny day, but the dentist surgery was dark and dreary. I was juggling the two boys, and finally got middle man to stop crying and sat down. Across from me was a builder who looked a bit like Marti Pellow. I say he was a builder because he was wearing a checked shirt and was tanned - not that I am prone to making sweeping judgments or anything. So I played out in my head what a funny situation it would be if it was Marti. Would the reception call him Mark, Marti, Mr Pellow, Mr McLachlan? I had clearly been staring at the builder too long as he was staring back. I smiled, he smiled back. Then my name was called. I had a baby, two year old and a buggy and steps to manoeuvre. 

I can't tell you the exact words that the builder then spoke. It was along the lines of offering to carry my buggy for me, and it was spoken in the most gorgeous Scottish accent. I went into shock. I gratefully said thank you and refrained from collapsing on the floor. The dentist must have thought I had lost the plot as when making chit chat with me, I had difficulty remembering how old my new baby was and even stumbled on his name. On the way back out the dentist offered to help me with my buggy. I wasn't that grateful with this I wanted Marti's help. Again he came to my rescue and helped me up the stairs. This is where another of my very few regrets happened. I just said thank you. Not "Can i have your picture? I love you! Can you speak to my Mum on the phone?"

I had met my teenage heart throb, and he hadn't disappointed me at all. He was a gentleman. So I now need to extend the invite to you. Who is the most famous person you have met? I am linking this up to magical moments as it certainly is something I will remember forever!


Jaime Oliver said...

Fantbloodytastic!! I love it! this so sound like something i would of done! tongue tied all the way! lol Thanks so much for linking up x

fadedseasidemama said...

I LOVED Marti Pellow. Then I met him at a record-signing on Oxford Street and he and the other band members just sat chatting to each other. So my one moment to speak to him after decades of adoration went like this: "You could at least say hello to the idiots that funded your drug addiction. How bloody rude!". I still can't believe I said that! It put me right off him as well - haven't liked him since. So it's good to hear someone's positive experience of meeting him. Perhaps I was a bit harsh!

Louise Fairweather said...

Oh no! But i would have been annoyed if I was you too. Luckily he was the perfect gentleman when I saw him x

Nichola Fabfortymum said...

OMG, I met Marti Pellow too, in a park in Glasgow, when I was 17, I have a picture somewhere, I need to find the picture for you now. I was madly in love with him, my sister lived in Glasgow and I'd gone to visit. She was a hairdresser and was cutting Graeme Duffins hair, I was fed up looking at him, so went outside walked into the park and walked straight into Marti! I was a gibbering idiot, but did get a fabulous picture of him. I have to find that picture now

Louise Fairweather said...

I need to see that picture - still kicking myself for not getting one!