Moshlings review

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Moshlings review

When I was younger I vowed that I would always listen to pop music. It all started going wrong after I turned thirty. I vividly remember one of the kids in my science class asking "Miss do like the pigeon detectives?" Mmmnnn it seemed I had become out of touch with the youth of today. So by reviewing the new moshlings app, I thought not only will it help me keep in touch with the kids, it will be a change from the Smurfs Village and big man will also know what Moshi Monsters are for when he starts school. (I am aware that it is not on the early years curriculum but I am pretty sure that those with older siblings will know all about it)

Looking at the app, it is aimed at existing Moshi Monster fans. So my boy and I logged in and created him his own Moshi Monster to find out more. This is where it would be helpful if he was able to type as he seems to understand the concept of the game better than me. As far as I understand you create your own Moshi Monster and then look after him. You can invite friends to view your land too. Moshlings are pets for your Moshi Monster, and they can be attracted by growing certain flowers. I have just grown three star blossom and received Snookums - the baby Tumteedum. Confused yet? Well I am sure your child won't be!

The Moshlings app contains the Moshlings you can get and lets you know what you need to grow to get them. It has some information about their personalities and habitat. If you touch thme they make noises and move. You can also use a variety of  digital stickers to cutomise pictures of the Moshlings. Here is big mans Blurp and my Fifi.

Moshi Monsters is recommended for 6-12 year olds. It is a little bit too hard for big boy at the moment, but the Moshlings app means he can make up his own pictures and learn a bit more about the Moshlings he can collect when he undoubtedly starts playing Moshi Monsters.

I was given the app for the purpose of this review, but all the views here are my own.

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