Food Rules

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Food Rules

A few years back I called my own Mother a liar. I don't generally accuse people of lying unless I'm absolutely sure, and I was sure of this.You see my Mum claimed that my husband had eaten all the sausage rolls she had made one Christmas. She had not made very many as I had told her that he doesn't eat them. So that was it the Mother who I loved and respected had turned into a liar about sausages of all things. That was strange behaviour even for Mum! I had known my husband for around ten years at the time, and I couldn't get a sausage past his lips so I knew Mum must be lying, but why?

I asked my husband if he had any idea of why my Mum would say such things.....who all of a sudden became very sheepish. It appears he does eat sausage rolls - but only at Christmas. And so I had to eat humble pie as well as trying to understand my husbands long and bizarre set of food rules. Almonds are out of the question - except in marzipan, Foie gras can only be eaten at The Fat Duck, mushrooms are not favoured as they have the texture of a snail, but snails covered in garlic are fine. Mushrooms covered in garlic aren't so good. The list is so long and confusing, I can't remember them all.

And now to add to it all it appears my husband has passed these strange food rules to my boys! Joshua has decided that he only eats bananas in the summer. Although he conceded to eat half a banana a few days ago as it was quite a hot day. Jelly is great as long as there's no fruit in it. Hubbie agrees with this rule as apparently it somehow contaminates the jelly. Josh will only eat hot pasta. Noah complains if the pasta is hot and suggests calling the fire brigade to cool it down. "Call Fam!" which translates to call Fireman Sam. I have warned him against calling the emergency services over such a minor matter and suggested merely blowing on it will be enough. Noah, who has been known to eat bark (and also trick Ollie into eating some, believing it was chocolate) has now decided that corn on the cob is fine, but off the cob it is a different matter and should be scattered on the floor. And now as baby man Jacob nears to weaning I'm left to wonder what bizarre food rules he will insist on. Only eating tuna on the fourth Wednesday of the month in a leap year perhaps? One things for sure, cooking meals that the whole family will eat is going to be hard work for a while!


Rachel said...

Haha! Love it! Ted won't eat tomatoes but insists on ketchup with everything. You may have inspired a blog post from me :-) Keep up the good work supermum xx And thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too xxx

thechaosqueen said...

This has really made me chuckle! We've had a lot of tears in the past if I have cut a piece of toast in half or broken a satsuma into segments. But if I give it to him whole, he asks me to help cut it/open it. Aaaaagh!